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Attending Quakers Hill Police Station

If you have been contacted by Police and requested to attend Quakers Hill Police Station in New South Wales you are under no obligation to attend. However, that being said if the police believe they have sufficient evidence against you they may arrest you at a time and place that may not suit you.

Should You be Interviewed By Police at Quakers Hill Police Station

Once you are at Quakers Hill Police Station it is likely that the police will want to interview you often with the intention to gather incriminating evidence against you.

The decision as to whether to take part in an interview is often a difficult one to make and there are often advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Each case is unique and you should obtain legal advice before doing so.

It should be made clear that no unfavourable inference can be drawn from a person refusing or failing to answer one or more questions in the course of official questioning.

However, there are a number of laws that require a person to provide a response to police. If the person fails to provide a response, the person may be guilty of a criminal offence.

Quakers Hill Police Station

Quakers Hill Police Station is located at Cnr Pearce and Lalor Roads QUAKERS HILL

Postal Address:

Cnr Pearce and Lalor Roads
Quakers Hill Police Station
Phone: 02 9678 8999
Fax: 02 9678 8911
Principle Contact:


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